Circuit Mission Service

On Sunday 22nd October we were delighted to host the current President of the Methodist Conference, Revd Loraine Mellor.  The services had a good mission focus and was very well attended, the service was followed by a chance to share food and fellowship with members from around the circuit.

During her talk Revd Mellor challenge us to discuss three important questions as we consider the ministries of our various churches and the future:

  1. What is the one thing your church does really well and you are proud of and why?
  2. The one thing you wished your church could do better and what is stopping you from doing it better ?
  3. Risk assessments. Do you have one, is the  top of the list ‘failure to make new disciples?” If not what is your plan to make new disciples?

These are challenging questions and should leave us all considering what we do from here.  As part of the time together each church was asked to present a table with items that indicated the mission they carry out in their local community, below is a slideshow of those tables, along with some other photographs from the service: