Circuit Plan for December to February

Dear Friends,

Once again I should like to thank the small team who so generously give up their own time to facilitate the compilation of the Preaching Plan. On this occasion the services of seven of our regular preachers were unavailable to us but the adverse effects of this on our ability to cover the services were limited by the generosity of the remaining preachers, supplemented by visiting preachers who regularly offer us dates and whom on this occasion, offered us a few more. Nevertheless, as you will have noted, things have been quite stretched and we were sadly unable to use one or two of the dates that we were offered, as they related to specific days which didn’t coincide with ‘gaps’ in the plan.

Having said all of that, it is always encouraging to see how this circuit has evolved in terms of flexibility of approach to services and mutual support. To their credit, groups of churches, for example those on the Romney Marsh and in the Elham Valley, have devised systems of sharing services and varying service times, in anticipation of the particularly ‘lean’ period of cover that we anticipate from April to June 2018.

It is also within the spirit of Advent, a time of prayerful, joyful, excited (and occasionally nervous!) anticipation of what God has ‘lined up’ for us, that such new developments in working more closely together can fill us with a renewed sense of Christian fellowship, that extends beyond our own immediate locality. I pray that, as we move through a time of celebrating together the great gift of Jesus Christ and remember that He came for ALL of us, the ‘family’ nature of ‘Circuit’ may permeate everything that we do and say, as we travel on together.

I wish you ALL a Very Happy Christmas and New Year and thank you for the privilege of being able to share a part of your lives and your journey of faith.

God bless you,


Plan Centre Spread Dec17 to Feb18