Advent Reflections 2 – Coming to Forgive Sins

Ephesians 1:3-14

Verses 7 to 14 particularly focus on God’s gifts to humankind – redemption, wisdom, faith and very importantly – forgiveness.

During those times when our forgiveness of others is a slow process – and I accept that, depending upon the nature and degree of wrong that has been done, this can be slow and difficult – I believe that we are temporarily ‘diminished’ in some way as human beings and as creations of God. 

The inheritance that we received through Christ, carries a responsibility to emulate Christ, so far as our faulty and inadequate human nature will permit. For the entire fulfilling of God’s purpose we need God and can never achieve it alone.

The prayer in this passage has, in verse 18, the petition that believers may be enlightened and know the wonderful nature and content of God’s inheritance.

During Advent, that time of excited (and sometimes anxious) anticipation, as we celebrate the great gift of Jesus Christ, we have a purpose-built opportunity to forgive and ‘mend’ what is past and then move on together into the joy of God’s grace and newness in the coming year.

God bless you richly with healing and forgiveness, both given by you to others and received by you from them.

Love Kevin     


Author: Rev K Taylor