Circuit Plan March to May 2018

Dear Friends,

Once again, we have encountered some difficulty in matching all of the planned services with people to conduct them. We have suffered from a reduction in availability amongst preachers but a faithful combination of people from our Circuit and visiting preachers has ‘rescued’ us once again for this coming quarter. Our resources are still extremely stretched and we have therefore fully exploited all offers of help. The combination of some services on Romney Marsh and in the Elham Valley have been sustained after discussions at various meetings with interested parties. Whilst it is understood that, for reasons of ill health and limited mobility, some people are unable to participate in all of these, it has been very encouraging to note the cooperative and sympathetic attitude amongst those people affected and their enthusiasm to draw more closely to each other in Christian worship and fellowship.     

In anticipation of the particularly ‘lean’ period of cover anticipated from April to June 2018, to which I referred in my previous letter, I would urge churches to continue to adopt the innovative and constructive attitude already displayed in order that we are able to keep the incidence of Local Arrangements to a minimum for those churches who may find them difficult to manage.    

It is my heartfelt wish that, when our dear Superintendent returns from her April to June Sabbatical, I may hand back to her a happy circuit with a real enthusiasm for our continuing journey together, in which I consider myself privileged to share. In order to reach this objective, I shall need your ongoing prayers and support, as I cannot achieve this  alone. Thank you for everything that you have done and are doing to help and I pray that I shall prove worthy of the confidence and trust that has been placed in me.

God bless you

Kevin  x

Plan Centre Spread March to May 18