Lent Course on “The King’s Speech”

This film, first shown in 2010, tells the story of the impromptu ascension to the throne of King George VI in 1936. It is a moving story of an unsure monarch who works hard to overcome a stammer and of his relationship with his speech therapist and friend Lionel Logue.
It offers lots of opportunities for theological reflection and conversation.

Come and join us! All welcome.

United Church, Cade Road, Ashford at 7.30 – 9pm on Thursdays during Lent

  • 14th March: Showing of ‘The King’s Speech’ (This will go on longer than 9pm)
  • March 21st Session 1: ‘The stuff of nightmares and the power of friendship’
  • March 28th Session 2: ‘Chasing the dream or fulfilling the calling’?
  • April 4th Session 3: ‘Pressing forward and breaking through’
  • April 11th Session 4: ‘Eloquence for evil and stammering for good’