Carys: sabbatical, a continuing journey

You may as well know at the start of this post that my plans have changed. I am no longer walking from one end of country to the other. I am however travelling by car to different areas, camping and walking from there. I am still looking for signs of Christ’s presence and being suprised by Christs presence each day.
At the start of my journey I travelled by train down to Penzance, here i was camping at a YHA, At the yha a lady working there was ‘not’ encouraging about camping or wild camping, after I asked question about possible campsites further on. I went back to my tent and sat there worrying about the future…the what ifs, scared and scary.Suddenly I remembered that I had downloaded the app for ‘Take Time Meditations’ The one I chose to listen to was ‘Zacharias was changed’, thinking that I will be changed by journey. In the meditation I shared with jesus how scared I was. And I rested under a sycamore tree with jesus, as I also rested in my tent. I felt calmer. In the background I was aware of the birds singing, and I found myself repeating the words from Psalm 139 “Where can I go from your presence? The furthest seas you are there, the depths you are there, your right hand holds me fast.”Felt Jesus saying we will journey together and if it doesn’t turn out to be long walking trip it doesn’t matter-all that matters is that you know I am with you. We will rest together, we will walk together
The next day I did another Take Time meditation this time one titled Do Not Worry, here I found myself reflecting on the wild flowers. That is something that I have not forgotten every day I am stunned by beauty of wild flowers and as I am taking the slow ways, walking,I am able to take in the beauty.
I walked from Penzance to marizon, went over to st Michael’s mount and on another day walked over to St Ives.on the way to St Ives I went into a church that had gone out of their way to make people welcome. From poster on door to refreshments to help yourself to, so space to reflect and light a candle.
In St Ives I stayed in a lovely independent Youth Hostel. In chatting to the owner I heard that it used to be a chapel. And even though it had had different owners still the words/contract(?) that the space was always to be used for people seeking rest cheaply stands. I was very grateful, and it was a lovely place to stay. So although it was in a prime position to be a  posh hotel it provides rest for all who may not be able otherwise to stay in St Ives.
I had another days walking and then went home for abit to see Iain. I am now currently exploring the  countryside, by feet and car. I am valuing taking the slow way and being able to stop,look and listen. I’m still loving listening to the birds singing and looking at wildflowers. I have had many different reflections, which will get round to sharing.