Carys’ sabbatical: suprised and moved by Christs presence

Christian presence from a church perspective. As I take a slow journey through the countryside I am able to stop at churches, and want to go in. Hopefully a space to sit, reflect and pray. Hopefully a warm welcome. Nearly all the churches I have come across have been shut.
However the ones that are open offer a lovely welcome and go out if their way to offer hospitality, with signs,and refreshments and snacks and prayer station’s. Until today none of them have been Methodist.
We need to be open.
I am currently in a Methodist church cafe. Polzeath Cornwall, it is open all week, it offers a cafe or bring your own food, a massive wood burner, ethical cafe, hot shower and indoor skate ramp. A number of years ago its future looked uncertain, however they took a look around at the needs of the local area, and responded to that need. Surf culture and creative arts. That was in 2006, to quote them “Ten years of , tens of thousands of people through its doors…Tubestation the registered charity continues  to seek innovative ways to serve more people better.” “Together we are working out what it means to follow Jesus and exploring the idea that church is not the building but the people; and that it exists seven days a week to love, serve and benefit those outside of itself, unconditionally, with the full scope of the resources available…while Christian in ethos Tubestation is totally inclusive and is continually used and enjoyed  by people of all faiths and worldviews.”
An inspiring place to be. A place that has prayed, looked at needs of local community and taken a risk. Tommorow I am coming back to the service which is led/preached from the centre of the skate ramp.