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Circuit Prayers

Each week the whole circuit comes together to pray for a part of the life of our circuit, lists of things to pray for and also prayers may be written, below you will find the latest prayers.

National Prayer of the Day

This is an RSS feed taken from the Methodist Church in Britain website.

  • Sunday, 09 Dec 2018
    on 9th Dec 2018 at 8:45 pm

    Grant us your help, O God, that whatever by the teaching of your Holy Spirit we know to be our duty, we may by your grace be enabled to accomplish; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.William Bright (1824-1901)Challenging God, we praise and worship you in awe and wonder as we consider the vastness of your creation, the world in which we live; you urge us forward in faith to find new ways to climb the high peaks and to cross the wide waters of life, with you ever by our side. Transforming God, we give thanks that we are changed forever as we journey on; help us as we share the power of your love in our own communities, locally, nationally and globally, as present-day witnesses to you – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – in this our troubled, yet ever beautiful world. Amen.Pamela M Stenson, local preacher, Guisboroug […]