There are as many different types of worship going on in the circuit as there are churches, however some types of worship are acknowledged as different so you will find in the tabs a little bit of information about each of the main types of service and a list of where to find them taking place.

All Age Worship

All Age Worship encourages the entire family of the church, no matter the age to come together and worship God.

Upcoming Services:

Holy Communion

Holy Communion, the Eucharist or the Lord’s Supper is the central act of Christian worship, in which we respond to our Lord’s command, “Do this in remembrance of me” (1 Corinthians 11:24,25). The term “communion” emphasises that we partake of this sacrament together with the people of God in heaven and on earth, it joins us in unity as one body of believers.

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Local Arrangement

A local arrangement is a chance for the worshiping community to collaborate in the local church to arrange their own worship.  These services will be very different and draw on the gifts and blessings of the congregation.

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Tea Service

The tea service combines tea (drinks and cake) with a short service.  The fellowship of sitting round tables drinking tea of coffee and sharing a piece of cake or biscuit allows us to reflect on the world, a visiting speaker gives the congregation a chance to listen and discuss a particular issue.  The short service follows the fellowship tea.

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United Service

A United Service gives the congregation a chance to come together with another church, this might be of a different denomination, like the Church of England, or within our circuit.  The act of coming together allows us to appreciate each other and share our worship of God.

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