The Stepping Stones project at Wye

The Stepping Stones Project:

During September and October two meetings will take place. The theme linking them is ‘money’ but deliberately offering widely contrasted perspectives.

That for Saturday September 16th is on ‘Philanthropy’ and focuses on the famous Cadbury/Bournville development. Here a Quaker initiative drove care of factory work force to a quite remarkable level. The factory had two swimming pools, a concert hall and a library and, so they did not have to stand in wet feet during the working day in winter, female employees were given snow shoes and these developments were only a small part of a much wider story.

That on Saturday the 28th October will be on the malign effects of tax havens and will be led by Rev David Haslam. Here we will consider how money diverted to tax havens could be used for alternative social good such as training teachers, nurses and doctors for example and the scale upon which havens operate. David will, on the following day, lead the Methodist Tea Service at 4.30pm.

The two Saturday meetings begin at 2.30pm in the Methodist chapel. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

The Stepping Stones organisers have produced a handbook setting out the nature of the project and giving examples of its approach. This sells at £3 per copy and of which £1 is donated to the charity ‘Action for Children’. Copies are available from Geoff Chapman 01233 813011.