Circuit Plan for September to November 2021

Dear Friends,

This plan has been prepared as restrictions are being lifted and we are relieved that infection rates are slowing down.  It is really good to meet together again in person to worship and share in fellowship as we reflect on all the previous 17 months have taught us.

We are more aware of those who can’t usually manage to meet in person due to mobility, caring for others or working shift patterns.  As a result, we are keeping going with the circuit podcast and a fortnightly service on zoom.  Some of our churches have also altered their service times, partly to allow for preacher availability but some have increased their numbers as a result.

We are more aware of technology and the opportunities it provides to engage beyond our buildings and enable us to meet remotely.  For many it has been lifesaving in the past months, enabling connection, friendship, and worship when we have all had to be at home so much more.  We are keeping going with live streaming services from Cade Road as well as the digital worshop.

Most of all we know that the church is about the people, staying in touch, working together, worshipping together, caring for each other and those in our communities that we serve.  As we jounrey on into a future that brings change, we celebrate all that has been and all that will be as we walk on together, trusting in God and remaining hopeful.

Every blessing,


Circuit Plan Sept to Nov 2021