Stepping Stones Four: British Housing Today: An Assessment and a Response

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The publication of the fourth handbook marks a new departure for the Stepping Stones project in that it recommends and details a specific policy. Having considered the appalling problems with British housing to day it recommends the creation of a Methodist housing association committed to the needs of 18-35 year olds.  The involvement of the Methodist Homes organisation has been sought so as to bring in planning skills an early stage together with expertise from elsewhere. Additionally, a longer print run means that the matter can be more widely canvassed throughout the South East District initially.

The content of the handbook is as follows. Part 1 Aspects of Housing. Chapters – 1 Historical trends and a present perspective, 2 London, 3) Greenbelt, 4) The building industry and its priorities, 5) Council houses and Thatchersm, 6)Marketing property, 7) Landlords and private renting, 8) Erstwhile contributions from the European Union, 9) Building societies.

Part 2 Housing Associations. Chapters – 10) The diversity and policies of housing associations, 11) The proposal for a Methodist housing association.

Appendix:  Proactivity, forward thinking and planning in a Christian denomination.

As with previous handbooks the content is fully referenced and indexed.