Stepping Stones Three: A Future for Christians Amid Secular Society.

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Stepping Stones Three: A Future for Christians Amid Secular Society.

Part 1 Probing and searching the new reality

Chapter 1: Setting the scene: Alternative understandings. Using the development of the Mini and a future with driverless cars the aim is to illustrate alternative paradigms and how they can be applied to the place of religion in society. Chapter 2 based on the experience of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland looks at the difficulties of the clergy in involving young people. Chapter 3 derives from an areligious young women giving her carefully considered views on religion. Chapter 4 revisits a book produced some ten years ago on the causes for people leaving and returning to church. Chapter 5 is a reflection on how the church might regard  the attitudes of young people.

Part 2 Metamorphosis

Chapter 6 Using the analogy of insect life the idea is explored of the church ‘pupating’ and emerging as a quite different organism fitted for a new modern situation. Chapter 7 explores developments in biological science and the ethical questions raised. Chapter 8 draws on the ideas of Yuval Harari a Jewish thinker about the future of humans in a world dominated by technology

Part 3 Contemporary discipleship

Chapter 9 raises the question of how we are to present the human Jesus to  contemporary society and concludes with a reference to ‘leaven’ a theme developed later. Chapter 10 takes the humanity of Jesus further in relation to secular society. Chapter 11 explores the work of Otto Borg who explores how modern secular humans are to regard the supra-human claims about Jesus. Chapter 12, a reflection on Fred Pratt Greens hymn ‘The Church of Christ in every age’ develops the theme of the whole book Christian witness as leaven in society.

As with its predecessors the book is fully referenced and indexed.