Stepping Stones

The project opened in January 2017. It seeks to achieve two things. The first is an ongoing reappraisal of Christian tradition and the second is to understand and be involved with the secular sceptical society of which we are apart. Not least, it is a resource for those who lead worship or other aspects of church life. Stepping Stones convenes meetings on subjects of current interest, publishes handbooks and, through the courtesy of its home Circuit, has a place on this website.


During 2017 there were five meetings all held at Wye Methodist church where the Stepping Stones programme was originated. These were January, ‘The Didache or the Teaching of the Twelve Apostles’, March ‘The Origin of the New Testament’, May, ‘Women in the Early Church – What Went Wrong?’, October, the Cadbury/Bournville Philanthropy’ and for November, ’The Malign Effects of Tax Havens’.

Our meetings, at about two monthly intervals, are now in prospect for 2018. At Wye on February 17th we have ‘A Radical Reappraisal of What is Meant by Prophecy’ and on April 21st ‘The British Housing Crisis and a Response to it’. Meetings begin at 2.30 pm, admission is free and all are welcome.

There are now two books in the Stepping Stones series, both are available for purchase from G.P.Chapman, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page . The cost is £3 per copy of which £1 goes to All We Can, the Methodist overseas aid charity. Postage costs –UK £1.22, Europe £3.80, R.O.W. £4.75.

The Team

Chair, Revd John Makey, Meetings, June Heath. Secretary, Geoff Chapman


The first book is entitled: Stepping Stones to Unfamiliarity: A Handbook

The second book is entitled: Stepping Stones Two: Social Disparity and Christian Involvement: The Second Handbook

The third book is entitled: Stepping Stones Three: A Future for Christians Amid Secular Society.

The fourth book is entitled: Stepping Stones Four: British Housing Today: An Assessment and a Response.

A series of talks are linked to the two books and details can be found in the event calendar.

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