Carys: sabbatical preparation

What to take for a possible 3 month period? How to travel light if going to be carrying everything? These are just some of the questions that I have been considering as I get ready for my sabbatical. My plan is to walk from Cornwall to the top of Wales. Along the way I am going to be looking for signs of Christ’s presence. In and outside of churches, I also want to be suprised by encountering Christ in the broadest and most open way. I feel I probably make Christ too small.I am pleased to be able to walk, to take a slower pace of life, knowing that the slower you go the more you see and experience. It’s ironical that we drive more to squeeze in more and see less and spend our time thinking about the next thing. On this sabbatical I hope to renew, rediscover, and deeper my journey with Christ. I am looking forward to taking the time to see, and to value the journey not to just think of getting somewhere.Kit list:poles, tent, sleeping bag and liner, spare clothes,  rain coat and over trousers, sleeping mat, wash kit, food, snacks, warm coat, cook tins stove inside and gas, folding rucksack, water system, shelter, midge net, torch, maps, sandals,  spoon.Rucksack, walking poles, power bank, charger, flask, water bottle, purse, hanky, knife,  pencils, notebook, reflective booklet, glasses, lipsalve, Lego brick, peg, sunglasses, trowel, first aid kit.
Any questions? And my three luxuries ended up being the booklet, the flask, and some sudoku.I will be carrying 29lbs
Hoping for a good journey, planning to post here quite regularly. God Bless Carys