Lyminge Holiday Club


Wednesday 26 July to Friday 28 July

10am – 12 noon

We are proud to present this year’s Holiday Club:

The earth is the Lord’s!

When God created the world it was beautiful and perfect.  There was nothing that spoilt it’s beauty.  The Psalmist declared “The earth is the Lord’s – and everything in it!”

The earth is the Lord’s! will take us on an adventure which starts in the Garden of Eden, through the Psalms straight to Jesus.  We will look at some of the wonderful creatures we share Planet Earth with and meet some whacky characters who are swimming in a sea of rubbish and can’t seem to find a way out!

Holiday Club is a fun-based activity week for children aged from 5 to 11 years.  It includes songs, drama, puppets, craft, stories and much more.  There is no charge for children to attend.

Young people will be in appropriate age groups.  We cannot take children who are younger than 5 years and only Parent Helpers will be able to remain during Holiday Club sessions.

If you would like to be a Parent Helper, please do contact Revd. Gill.

Places at Holiday Club are limited so please make sure that you book your children in.  We will confirm that your places are reserved, preferably by Email, so please ensure that you clearly write your Email address on the application form.  Application forms can be found here: LMC Holiday Club Consent Form 2023

We look forward to welcoming you to our Holiday Club in a few weeks’ time.