Revd G Songer

Hello!  My name is Gill and I am a Probationer Presbyter.  This means that I have just completed two years full-time study at Queens Theological College and am now beginning a two-year probationary period before ordination.   Although this is my first station as a Presbyter, I have been a Methodist all my life, brought up in a large East End family which included my four siblings, my parents, Granny, Great Auntie and various cats, rabbits and guinea-pigs.  As mum was Guide Captain our lives were very influenced by the Guiding movement and I went on to be a warranted leader with both the Guide and Scout movements for over 20 years.  For the last 30+ years I have lived in Maldon, Essex with my husband David.  We have three sons who are all grown up and work in various branches of engineering.  We currently live with Zoe, a rescue dog from Spain. 


I enjoy craft work and reading and being out-of-doors and I am so glad to be living near to the sea!  I love gardening, but be warned, my gardening is all about inviting the wildlife into my space so do not be surprised if you are greeted by a field of meadow-grass in the front garden if you come to call.


Two years before I was called to explore candidating for ministry I was employed by the Methodist Church to work as a Discipleship Pastor within the Chelmsford Circuit.  I truly believe that this was another step on my journey with Christ which prepared me for the adventure that I now step into at South Kent.  This work was so varied and included the role of Circuit Safeguarding Officer, Messy Church, Holiday Clubs, drinking tea and listening to people’s stories, preaching and school assemblies.


Studying at Queens has been fascinating, thought-provoking and definitely character forming.  I have been privileged to study the Bible at a deeper level, learning how to look at it contextually.  I have listened to top-class lecturers speak about Black Theology, Womanist Theology, Queer Theology and have cause to think about my own unconscious bias to people who live on the margins of society.   Jesus came into the world to reach out to the ignored, the marginalised, the hurt and the hungry.  This is where God is active now and where the Church should be seeking to join God in that work.